Addictions superadmin 5 de October de 2023


When you are in front of someone else who doesn’t even have the slightest intention of considering you, it doesn’t matter what you do. Whether you do good or bad, it doesn’t matter! You will continue to feel something that should not be happening. This is why you feel panic at the idea of unhappiness, and a voracious need for control at the idea of happiness. The two sides of the same coin, with which you pay a “very high” price to be alive.

An addiction is like someone who is ashamed of the fact that we do not deserve to stay, but who at the same time bars our doors and doorsteps so that we cannot leave. This “other” is the other in me. Not me, but my way of relating (thought structure, “soul”).

"Addiction should never be treated as a crime, but as a health problem".

Ralph Nader

This modus operandi will be reflected in all the relationships we establish, whether with myself, with others or with life in general. Not in all relationships, nor in all of them in the same way, but it will undoubtedly make us focus only on those that confirm its postulates.

In other words, he only listens to what he wants to feel. That is why it is emotionally presented as absolute and overlapping “truths”. In the face of this, the first step is to recognize that one cannot do anything in the face of the “because I say so” argument.

The impotence in front of those who do not listen, is, at the same time, the possibility of attending to what really matters, which is not whether they listen to me or not, but to show the style of relationship that is established. From here, we move on.

Addictions and compulsive behaviors are destructive in that they deny the truth in the name of truth. Therefore, the person believes that there are good truths and bad truths. What they experience is a terrible fear of the truth (of themselves), which is why they flee from anything that can really help them.

You are true. What is happening to you is true, you are not inventing it. Start the therapy. A therapy of truth. A therapy about truth.