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The Affective Revolution questions the power structures that judge, tax and evaluate our identity. These subjugate it to ideals that lead to insurmountable contradictions, in exchange for a false sense of control.

Between what she is and what she should be, there is a person who suffers for not being up to the task, for not being adequate, for not thinking or feeling “correctly” or for losing her status.

This work is committed to recovering the rightful place in our lives for outlawed pain, to escape romantic pressures and to free ourselves from the expectations that block our capacity to love ourselves unconditionally.

Affective agency lays the foundations on which we learn to relate, relating; to think, thinking; to esteem, esteeming; to be, feeling. By recognising these skills, we address the difficulties in establishing bonds of trust.

La Revolución Afectiva

"La Revolución Afectiva: De la dependencia emocional al agenciamiento afectivo”
(Sergi Ferré Balagué, 2017). 164 págs. 15€.

¿Quién podría ser?

¿Quién podría ser? (Sergi Ferré Balagué, 2022). 154 pàgs. 12,50€.

If even a bakeress dares to be herself, even at the risk of getting a thunderstorm, why am I so afraid to be who I am already feeling?

“I’m not ready, it’s not the right time, I’m not wanted, I haven’t made enough effort, I don’t have what I should have, nor am I who I should be. Because… who could I be?

Every morning I wake up thinking they’ll give me a kiss. But there’s no one here. It’s just me. In the meantime, a panerola is walking around under my feet, living its life, arriving at the end.

A work that compiles comics, songs and paintings, about the therapeutic practice in cases of addictions, codependence, neurosis, etc., in highly sensitive people.

I present the content of this website as my third book in development. I invite you to browse through the different sections, where I hope to have something important to offer you. It is an analysis of cases that need to be thought through.

I am organising this work (texts, videos and contributions) in order to offer it in all its depth. Thank you for your comments, because they will help this work to mature.

At the end of 2024 I will publish this third work. The provisional title is “Conte-personalitat”, which is a concept that I have gathered in my first work “La Revolució Afectiva” (The Affective Revolution) and that is taking shape as I go on with my therapeutic practice.

I hope this work will be a support for you.


Sergi Ferré Balagué

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