Highly sensitive people

Highly sensitive people superadmin 5 de October de 2023

Highly sensitive persons

Being a highly sensitive person (PAS) is not a pathological trait, but it can be the trigger for mental health disorders to be generated or aggravated, usually in the area of relationships (codependence, addictions, BPD, etc.).

We have to differentiate between high sensitivity and an overabundance of mental images, which are constantly and in great detail, because in this case we would be talking about hyperfantasia (as opposed to aphantasia, which is the absence of images when thinking). Hyperfantasia can derive in a mismatch between the representation of reality and reality itself, which is why, if it is pathological, we also treat it in therapy.

"What we see changes what we know. What we know changes what we see".

Leonardo da Vinci

Having a high sensory processing involves experiencing physical and psychological stress in a very intense way. A PAS feels, empathizes, observes, reflects, etc., with a higher than average sensitivity and intensity. Managing this large volume of information makes decision making complex, and even more so in stressful situations, in which they easily become saturated. Criticism, fears, uncertainty, etc., can trigger emotional reactions that make them feel uncomfortable and inadequate.

On the other hand, they enjoy a rich inner life, artistic sensibility, etc., for which the recommended therapy, in view of their vocation for depth, is analytical psychology.