GAEDE: From Emotional Dependence to Affective Agency

GAEDE: From Emotional Dependence to Affective Agency

It was 2011 when the book “Women Who Love Too Much” by Robin Norwood, published in 1985, came into my hands. It was my first introduction to the concept of codependency. Like many other people, I felt identified and decided to tackle the proposed work. At that time, in Barcelona, there were no similar groups, so I decided to create one through a publication on Milanuncios. Our first meetings took place at the Aragonés Center, on Joaquín Costa street. Over time, we got a permanent room at the Drassanes Civic Center, where we met on Fridays. Together with the social integrator Benjamín Martínez, we directed the group and organized the activities.

End-of-course party, in 2015.

Association (Emotional Agency Group in the care of symptoms of Emotional Dependency). Thanks to the intermediation of the psychologist Mónica Sandoval, L’Ateneu L’Harmonia, in the Sant Andreu neighborhood, opened its doors to us as a hosted entity. The groups continued year after year, and we learned more each time. I want to express my special gratitude to La XiXa Teatre for introducing us to the discipline of Theater of the Oppressed. Also to ESARDI of l’Ajuntament d’Amposta, for its support in the course that culminated with the traveling exhibition “L’Agenciament Afectiu a través de l’Art”. In this project, several artists captured the experience of each member of our group in their works.

L'Agenciament Afectiu a través de l'Art.

Finally, I thank my colleagues, such as the artist Jorge Prats, for teaching art therapy, dance therapy, etc. workshops. However, the Covid pandemic forced us to change the way we work. The meetings became online, and our work evolved from simple accompaniment to serious and committed therapy.

As a testimony of our early years, we published the book “The Affective Revolution: From Emotional Dependence to Affective Agency” in 2018, with the support of the Health Department of L’Ajuntament de Barcelona. This led us to be summoned to appear before the Commission of Equality of Persons of the Parlament de Catalunya where we represent the voices of those who suffer from emotional dependence.

Appearance in the Parliament of Catalonia, in 2017.

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